Old fashion customer service is paramount when Albany travel agent grafts your holiday.

There are no exceptions, either you value personal customer attention or you don't. Agree?

Too many people ... 

are feeling frustrated by internet overload. 

Maybe you are feeling confused and overwhelmed with all the choices, fearful of making a mistake by picking the wrong travel agent. 

Or worse, ruining your long-anticipated "dream holiday" by taking the plunge and booking it yourself online. 

The risks are high… much higher than you ever imagined!

Isn’t this your dream holiday?

A time to kick back and relax. To indulge in new experiences. To re-connect with your loved ones, or even yourself?

Then there’s some very good news!

You are so close to potentially removing all your threats and concerns by being right where you are now!

Welcome, to what I trust will be a worthwhile investment of your time.

Albany Travel agent just might be your answer.

Of course, it is foolish to believe in an "instant fix" it just doesn't work that way in the real world. 

If you are looking for more than a great deal and you want a team that is passionate, dedicated and committed to you and your travel experience, then I suggest you start by checking the Real stories. This is where we share the "good, bad and the ugly" of what happens
on any given day with clients. 

Everything is covered, it could be the sharing of how we planned a wonderful holiday for a client inclusive of all the detailed step by step processes used to deliver an awesome "dream holiday". 

At the very least, I promise you this will give you thorough insights into how this Albany travel agent can add value to next "dream holiday"      

Of course, you may have a specific question on your mind right now. Then please check out the "Live Chat" in the right-hand corner.

Finally, it is impossible for us as an Albany Travel agent to know where you are at with your research so with this in mind please explore 

our business and please reach out with your specific questions either on the chat or by calling 1800960 007

It will become evident why our client’s continue to turn to this Albany Travel agent year after year since 1985.

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Our Testimonials

  • Having recently returned from a wonderful seamlessly coordinated overseas holiday. I really want to let others know that it is worth asking Travel With Purpose to quote on your travel needs. I not only had my needs and interests fulfilled, with a nice balance of free time and special experiences that I could never have arranged on my own, I also caused a generous donation to a really worthy local cause, Albany Community Hospice.

    I had previously happily used another local travel agency for about 30 years, but this incentive of having an added fundraising purpose for my travel was too good to refuse.

    I was introduced to Travel With Purpose because I was Chair of Albany Community Hospice, and John and Nilla Spark made a generous offer that their company would donate funds to Hospice for all their clients who made travel bookings and mentioned Hospice’ name

    Paris highlights, Monet’s Garden, Versailles, a World War One Battlefields tour, a scenic river cruise in rural France, bustling Barcelona and a final ‘sling’ in Singapore…these were all included in my itinerary. Initially. My partner and I had a few discussions with Nilla about being interested in ‘some travel’, and then the team at TWP put together an amazing plan with a range of possibilities that we just couldn’t resist. Now that I have enjoyed a marvellous month of travel I can genuinely affirm that Travel With Purpose’s name really fits. Our travel itinerary met so many of the purposes we had on our list – it was informative, reflective, entertaining, relaxing, challenging and FUN!

    Thank YOU ALL TWP team!

    - Jane Mouritz
    Chair- Albany Community Hospice ,
  • We had a wonderful holiday, the hotel accommodation was perfect, and the cruise was magnificent. I just wanted to say thank you to you and your staff for helping us find and organise this holiday. I have a power point presentation of photos that APT did on our last night on board…thought you might enjoy it, but it seems to big to send via email. I will pop in and see you next week, when I manage to surface from the pile of washing!

    - Eileen Hope
  • Dear John and Nilla

    On behalf of the board, staff and patients, thank you very much for your recent donation.

    The Hospice is very grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of your Charity Program and we are really impressed with how successful it has been! Thank you very much for your support and generosity through this partnership. Your support makes and importand and much appreciated contribution towards helping us to continue to provide this valuable service to our community.

    - Mimi Toy
    Albany Community Hospice
  • "A big thank you to Nilla and Lucy for organising my amazing South American Adventure holiday. You..."

    - Maureen Lock,
  • I just wanted to let you know how very happy I am with having you as my agent to organise everything for me. The Croatia side of things will be sensational. As you know, I have been travelling with you now for 35 years, and honestly, I would not use anyone else. Your happy personality, professional manner and organisation of trips is second to none. Nothing is ever left to chance, and if something ever goes wrong, you are there to pick up the pieces and ensure all runs smoothly. I think you are the best agent in Australia, if not, the world.

    - Grazie Mille Bella,
  • Kate Lown – “We Had a fantastic time and are looking forward to planning
    our next holiday with you.”

    - Emily Henderson,
  • “Nilla I would like to say what an absolute pleasure and delight it has been for me in dealing with Danielle. We are from the city and have never used your services before, I must say that the experience has been wonderful.

    - Travel With Purpose

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