The Christmas season brings so much joy and happiness to many people around the World…

And sometimes with that can come the added expectations, pressure and stress.

So why not try 1 or more of these things to relax this Christmas:

  1. Find something good to read (Good for you, everyone is different and that’s ok, some love flicking through travel brochures to get the next holiday idea, some like novels, some like trashy magazines)
  2. Swim in the Ocean
  3. Go for a walk (Most places have beautiful walks and you always feel better afterwards!)
  4. Say no when you need to (sometimes we have too much on this time of the year, its ok to say no)
  5. Treat yourself to something you wouldn’t normally do
  6. Take a bath
  7. Block out an hour or even a day without technology
  8. Watch something funny
  9. Have a nanna nap (it’s the holidays, you’re allowed to)
  10. Look for enjoyment in the chaos

Merry Christmas!



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