About Us

Not your usual travel agent…

Through, Travelwithpurpose we’re putting over 60 years of frontline travel experience entirely at your disposal

In that time we have booked over $140 million Australian dollars-worth of travel for people who wanted to be charmed, thrilled and delighted.

We’ve booked cruises, adventure holidays, sightseeing trips, personal challenges, sports indulgences and a whole raft of other reasons for thousands of travellers.

We make arrangements for you that no other travel company can. And we work with several of the world’s renowned and most respected charitable organisations such as McGrath Foundation, COSA, Friends International and Lotus to create self-sustainability in the places we travel to. Lasting changes. Changes you can be part of.

Today, more and more people are looking for uniquely personal and highly tailored travel experiences that deliver riches in outlook, personal transformation, positivity and readiness to act, react and respond to what the world is offering.

A Tailored Experience

For so many travellers, a tailored experience is a massive eye-opener.

It is an experience that redefines who they are and helps to reshape their outlook and life direction.

Travel becomes a truly broadening experience and that is what Travel With Purpose is looking to provide.