102 Years Old & Still Travelling…

May 11, 2019 john 0 Comments

Welcome to this week's Travel Hub, with a feature story of our inspiration and super hero,
oldest travelling client Harold Martin. I am in awe of this man and what he has experienced in his life.

Nilla is busy preparing for her next Hip Op, with a lot less stress than her first operation 10 weeks ago. The next time you see Nilla in 5 weeks, she could be running! OK that might be a stretch...

This Week's Feature Story: Harold Martin


Harold was recently featured on GWN, please watch the video above to watch more. Just last week, we received a lovely email including some photos of Harold's trip to attend the ANZAC service in Thailand. Here are some words from Harold's experience:

"Harold and myself had a very busy 4 days. Traveling by Thai airways to Thailand. We are two very lucky travellers being upgraded to Business Class both ways! The biggest Thank you to yourself and Thai airways. Harold was able to recline his seat back and slept for around 4 hours on the return flight, which very much assisted with his fatigue levels and sore bottom.

Upon arriving in Thailand, we caught a mini bus up to Home Phu Toey resort, where we had Wednesday to relax before meeting the Australian and New Zealand Ambassadors and the Joint Australian's of the Year and their families.

Thursday was a very early start at 3 am, so we were ready for the 4 am bus to the dawn service at Hell Fire Pass. Harold of course was the VIP guest. At arrival at the dawn service we were golf buggied down to the pass with everyone keeping a close eye on Harold and his progress through the pass.
It was very emotional seeing the carved walls that Harold has described to me on many occasions, stating himself that he doesn't understand how sick men could chip away at the mountain as they did.

Upon entering the pass where the buggies could go no further, he was escorted by two service men to his seat. Harold sat next to a chair that contained a slouch hat, this seat was left empty for Neil MacPherson OAM who had passed only 3 weeks earlier (Neil had planned on returning but had a short illness and passed).

Harold recited the Ode of Remembrance and touched the Wreath for POW's before it was laid. At the conclusion of the service the public and military were invited to have photographs with Harold. I wouldn't even try and guess at how many pictures were taken, hands that were shook and words of thanks spoken (it was very touching the amount of love, appreciation and celebrity status Harold has over in Thailand).

At the conclusion of pictures we made our way back up to the top of the pass for the Gun-fire breakfast and a quick look around the Hell Fire Pass Museum, which has recently been refurbished.

After breakfast We took the 1 hour bus ride to Kanchanaburi War Cemetery for the morning Service. Harold spent just over 30 minutes before the service talking to people from all walks of life, who just wanted to say thank you, ask him a question, or take a photo.

During the service Harold again recited the Ode of Remembrance and he walked to Lay the Wreath.


Once back in the minivan Harold enjoyed a well earned drink of Port, before we were transported back to Bangkok for a good nights sleep, before our flights back the Friday morning.

I can't say thank you enough to Thai Airways, not only for the upgrade but also for the helpful, caring staff who made the whole trip very pleasant.

Upgrading the two of us only 2 hours before the flight but still finding the time to ensure Harold's special meal was also upgraded and flight ready. (the meals were incredible - so much lovely food!).

Thank you for helping to make the whole trip possible, your kind words and support"

Roseanne Gilpin and Harold Martin

Nilla Prepares For Her Next Hip Op!

I am almost packed, all my calls with Nurses & the Anaesthetist are done. Getting manicures, and now having my hair cut as I prepare for the other hip to be replaced! OMG it is getting a bit close and real now...

So think of me next Tuesday as I am operated on once again...

It will be exactly 10 weeks since I had my left hip replaced!!! Where has that time flown, all the while thinking that I would never walk properly again!!! Time heals all...

Once this is over and done with, I can really concentrate on my strength and fitness without PAIN... yippee!
I am sure that John will update you next week on my recovery... which I am sure will be fantastic...

So see you back home in about 4 weeks time. - Nilla Spark

Now all that is left for you to do, is to go and make this an awesome weekend. Because we all know what next weekend is going to be!!!

And won't I for one be glad, to stopping hearing all the lies and and all the rubbish associated with the election...

Until Next Week,
John Spark