6 Questions Everyone Needs To Ask A Travel Company Before Booking A Holiday

September 8, 2016 john 0 Comments

Let us set the scene…

You are about to invest at least $5000 with a travel supplier for your next holiday.

Do you go ahead and pay the money hoping they are a good fit for you?


Do you research and seek to learn more, to determine from a position of knowlege that in fact they are the best fit for your money?

Before you answer there’s one more not so obvious question you should be asking yourself!!!

Can you guess what it is?

Well I hope you thought to yourself “no way do I invest my money in a travel company without research or some reliable knowlege.”

So, do you know which questions to ask and in what order to ask them?

After 31 years of owning and running multiple nationally successful travel agencies it has become apparent to us that most people are a little bit unsure as to which are the most important questions to ask.

The good news is… you don’t have to consider this anymore! 

We have already done the heavy lifting for you!

It occured to me that we have been asking our suppliers these questions for years and we have steadily built a list of trusted “A” grade travel and cruise suppliers.

As you are aware, the travel and cruise markets are evolving at such a rapid pace thanks to the internet to the point we find ourself constantly evaluating travel and cruise suppliers.

Usually we keep this knowledge internally.

It dawned on me, if we were to share the interviews I conduct with our trusted suppliers, then you could evaluate your options at any time without having to come into our office!

That is what we are doing… as I complete each supplier travel and cruise supplier interview, we will post it here for you!

The interviews will be uploaded in 2 different methods, as a full length un-cut interview, as well as separated out into each individual question. Allowing you to go direct to the question you want answered first, to make your life easier.

Be sure to check back regularly as we add more supplier interviews.

Oh one more thing…do you have any questions or suppliers you would like me to consider? Please email me on [email protected] or free call on 1800 130 635.

Insight Vacations

Full Interview:
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Why Does Insight Vacations Exist?
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What makes Insight Vacations Stand Out From It’s Comptitors?
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Do Any Insight Tours Stand Out Above The Rest?
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What Mistakes Do Clients Make When Booking A Holiday?
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What One Thing Should All Clients Know About Insight Vacations?
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What Question Didn’t I Ask That You Wish I Did?
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Glad to see you’ve got this far, I’m guessing you probably have an interest in learning a little bit more about Insight Vacations. Right!!!

That is why I have included the video just below, which more than 24,000 people have viewed (as of the 9th July 2015)


This is an Insight European Vacation