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November 30, 2019 john 0 Comments

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I only want to cover a couple of topics this week of which I hope you will find of value and interest.

One of Australia’s favourite luxury river cruise brands is heading in a new direction, after discovering passengers have a bigger thirst for fun and excitement than they thought…

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APT Luxury Travel

– Live Fully –

The line has already created a series of specially bundled deals that mean lower prices and added new itineraries plus a focus on younger travellers.

But now the new direction has been given fresh impetus after an APT Danube river cruise appeared on Channel Nine’s reality show Travel Guides.

The result is a new focus for the river line – exploring experiences, freedom and a new sense of fun.

APT has historically run campaigns that reassure its clientele that “It’s got to be perfect” or that they can “live fully” because everything is taken care of.

APT realised that the ‘fun’ aspect is so important. They now have an exclusive entertainment couple on every vessel. The experiment has dispelled old myths about cruising around the price, size, freedom of choice and demographic.

It showed its more than just a competitive price that’s important.

People are wanting to break free of that concern and also the stereotype around luxury.

Customers desire is an authentic experience… not something that is quite sterilised and over manicured. People watching the show realised that river cruising is not sedentary. It is active, fun and they can make it their own.

There has been a recent significant price shift on their European river cruises.

And here is a sneak peek at what’s install next week…

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