Celebrating 10 Years with McGrath Foundation and Nilla Spark

September 8, 2016 john 0 Comments

Silence filled the room as these dreaded words were spoken…”I have Breast Cancer don’t I”!!! With the nod from the Doctor I knew I was in for the “ride of my life”!

10 years later tears still well up as I remember facing the biggest obstacle that I had ever had to face…Statistics show that 42 Women each day hear these words, staggering and unfortunately these numbers are increasing!

Breast Cancer affects so many and in ways that we do not realise nor understand.

This is why the McGrath Foundation has resonated with me in ways that words cannot describe…

As the McGrath Foundation celebrates their 10th Anniversary I also remember 10 years of fighting and surviving this dreaded disease I now sit here in so much gratitude to know that I am a true Thriver of Breast Cancer.

What Jane McGrath experienced through her Cancer journey was the need to have someone to talk to, someone that understood what she was going through and in Tracy Bevan’s words “Jane said she had found her Angel”…this is how the McGrath Foundation was founded along with her husband Glenn and best friend Tracy Bevan.
The McGrath Foundation set about to find and train these Angels… and have made it their mission to place McGrath Breast Care Nurses in communities right across Australia and to increase breast awareness in young Australians.

Unfortunately I was not as fortunate as Jane to find an “Angel” that understood my situation and one that could have guided and helped myself and John, as a result I suffered terribly with depression and not understanding what was going on in my mind or body, my relationship with John, family and friends deteriorated however my saving grace is that they all loved me enough to stick around!!!

Because of my experience and also getting to know a little more of what the McGrath Foundation do, I have made it my mission to also raise the awareness  of the need for  Breast Care Nurses  and have them situated in as many communities as possible.

One way that I am helping is to put together a group of people to join us in Antarctica in November 2015, in conjunction with Chimu Adventures, Tracy Bevan from the McGrath Foundation and Ken Done we are going to paint Antarctica PINK !!!  Another way of raising funds for the McGrath Foundation is that Tracy and I are going to be doing the Polar Plunge, so if you would like to either join us in November or sponsor me doing something ridiculous as jumping into the icy Antarctic waters then let me know…