Danielle’s Chimu Adventure

January 30, 2017 Nilla Spark 0 Comments

In October of 2015, I was the only Travel Agent from Western Australia chosen to join a group of 7 other Agents on an amazing trip to the Lakes District of South America.

We travelled with Chimu Adventures, who we love because they use local ground tour operators which make you feel secure knowing you have someone to contact when in need plus they have all the inside knowledge on the cool things to see and do.

Chimu Adventures specialise in Latin America and Antarctica. Click here to see some of their Itineraries (I can also work with you to put together a tailor-made itinerary to suit your interests and tick the bucket list items I’m sure you have for the area).

Now, we focused on a very small area of the Lakes District of Chile and Argentina by road for the 2 weeks we were there… It was not long enough in my opinion!! You need more time to explore this beautiful area.

Bariloche – known to be the Chocolate and Craft beer capital of Argentina

3 Of My Favourite Memories

ONE: Staying at Hacienda Vira Vira Hotel. The owners are Swiss and 90% of their produce is from their garden and other farmlands. They took us snowshoeing up an active Volcano! Villaricca (the Volcano) had erupted only 7 months prior so this was a little scary! 


TWO: Doing the Lakes Crossing on Buses and Boats from Argentina to Chile…amazing!

THREE: And our stay on Chiloe Island (Tierra Hotel) and all the things we got to experience Hiking to the coast to ‘Soul Pier’. A day on the water navigating around 2 of the many islands surrounding it and of course, markets and empanadas!

When I go again, I would have to have another stay at the Vira Vira Hotel and travel even further into Patagonia…I would either Travel with Chimu as they were great or if I was on more of a budget I would look at Travelling with G Adventures as they are down to earth and support the local businesses in the local areas.