Expect the Unexpected

September 8, 2016 john 0 Comments

High Tea With APT

AAPT High Tea couple of weeks back we hosted a High Tea with APT (has a bit of ring doesn’t it!!). It was one of those spur of the moment idea’s when we discovered Kellee our APT Business Development Manager would be available all day to meet with clients in our office.

10 guests gathered to discuss and learn more about what a River Cruising holiday could do for them. Of course all awhile enjoying special home baked cakes

and treats which our Travel With Purpose team contibuted to.

Kellee, our State Representative for APT,  was prepared to do a formal presentation, however I felt that an impromtu chat was going to be more beneficial.

Little did I know where the conversations would lead to, a lot of questions about River Cruising were asked, answered and personal experiences shared.

Then the most unexpected result came, it was that each of our guests had their own personal experience, of having to call on their travel insurance whilst oversea’s.

Frankly it made me sit upright as each person present could not wait to share what had happened to them. And how very, very grateful they were that they had travel insurance.

One person shared her story where her husband ended up in hospital in America and the bill was $200,000. Can you imagine what this could do to you without first class travel insurance? The mind boggles!!!

Our favourite saying which rings true for us is “if you can’t afford insurance…you can’t afford to travel”

In my 30 years as a travel agent I have heard stories where families have had to mortgage their homes to help bring a family member home or have them treated overseas. All which could of been avoided with some prudent planning.

I will never forget what happened to one of my clients many years ago. Unfortunately this very special client passed away in Spain. Thankfully because of the policy that we had him covered on, the insurance company was able to take care of everything,  which alieviated any extra stress for the families.

So you may be asking why I am talking about this today?

It is because sometimes you get too close to what is happening surrounding the excitement of travel that it was not until each of the people at the High Tea with APT started to mention their travel insurance experiences that it hit me!!! More so in that it is quite prevelant and it could happen to you, so ensure that you are well prepared.

In saying this it is important that you understand your policy and remember their is always a catch, especially if it’s free or very inexpensive. Please be sure that the policy covers all your needs in regard to accident and illness…

In summary travel insurance may not be cheap and if you are claiming $200,000 which I sure you never planned to happen before you left home, no amount of premium paid compares to the benefits especially if you have a large claim.  We have assisted many of our clients over the years to recoup their monies because of them having the right policy and our relationship with our Insurance Company.

If you have any queries or questions relating to insurance please email on nilla@travelwithpurpose.com.au amd it would be my pleasure to be able to assist you…

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