First Was Our Name Change After 28 Years From Jetset To Travel With Purpose

September 8, 2016 john 0 Comments

The decision to leave the Jetset network and join the Magellan Group was much more emotionally challenging than I could ever have imagined!!!

Australia Post - Best Franchise Business Award

 We had been part of the Jetset network for over 30 years so for us it felt like a death and in some ways it was!!! Jetset had been an important part of our business lives and then they were gone and we had to learn to live with another network, establish new relationships and go into unknown territory!!!

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Reflecting 12 months on it was one of the the best decisions we have made. Magellan’s support, care, transparency and their attention to detail is unsurpassed.

Once we had established that we were going to leave the Jetset Network and join Magellan (we had to be approved by their board to become a member, which has very strict guidelines, so we feel very proud that we were accepted!!!)  then came change of reservation systems, accounting systems, learning new products, etc etc, etc…