Happy 2020! We Are Still Here!

January 18, 2020 Sonu K 0 Comments

What an amazingly fortunate life Nilla and I have with clients like you and a Grandson like Harvey. You no doubt have noticed no Travel Hub since the 20th Dec 19, and really not until next Friday.

This is a quick note just to let know I am excited to be back on deck next week, after the most rewarding enjoyable break with Harvey duties.

Never did I imagine how good it would be and how much I could learn from a 3.5-year-old. Lost count of how many times he tripped me up. I don’t mean physically either.

Such a great life lesson, to learn how to be young-minded again!

I hope 2020 is already shaping into the year you want and that at some point travel can be a part of it. The industry is undergoing change like I have never witnessed in nearly 40 years…

We have some very exciting news that many of you will be very happy to hear next week.

Well, Nilla and I are hoping it can be announced next Friday. So be sure to tune in next Saturday!

Now over to Nilla to say a quick hello.

Happy New Year To You!

I hope that 2020 has started well for you!

As John has mentioned we have started 2020 in the most wonderful way possible, as you know we were not able to have children so to have Harvey live with us for the past month has given me joy that I have not had the privilege to personally experience…

To hear the laughter, the mess, the pitter patter of little feet and more importantly the simplicity, honesty and unconditional love that only a child can give has been life enhancing!

Tomorrow we face the reality of no little Harvey living with us as we drive up the highway back to Perth and to his special Parents, on the flip side we can go back to our normal lives from Monday!

THANK YOU for your patience and I am sure you understand that this little man has stolen our time & hearts…

So you will have travel updates from John starting next week…

Bye For Now,
Nilla Spark