Is Technology Really That Good?

June 22, 2019 john 0 Comments

9 Days without NBN and it only took two minutes to fix once the right person was asked!!!
Incredible that something so simple could bring our business to an almost standstill.

If you have had any issues calling us in the last 9 days, it is because our whole business is now online including the phones. We learnt that the Telstra back systems for NBN are far from satisfactory...

A simple glitch in NBN meant we had 9 days without NBN. Next week I will explore a more reliable backup. The good news is we came back online around lunchtime today.

With everything so dependent on the internet today, I thought it might be interesting to share a story about the oldest hotel/Inn in the world. I am sure much more than the internet has challenged their existence over the last 1300 years. Yes, 1300 years!!! Do you care to have a guess what country it is in?

The answer along with a link for you to explore is below.

Nilla's Comeback Has Started!


Nilla started her baby steps in returning to work, after one of the shortest retirements imaginable! She will be back Monday and Thursday next week. If she is feeling fine, we will see how it goes working a 4 day week from 10 am until 3 pm in July.

Passport Update


You will probably recall a couple of weeks back I had some challenges getting my passport for the last minute trip to New Zealand. I could not get someone to open my safe . The story of my experience is way down the page when you click the link.

So, I arrive home super confident I can open the safe. After all, I had been doing this for more years than I care to admit. Have you guessed what happened? Yes, that's right now I can't open the safe. My passport is still safe and very secure in the safe.

Now on the subject of passports. A client went to Perth for her trip to America, only to discover not long before going to the airport she had mistakenly picked up her husbands passport and left hers at home in Albany. There was a happyish ending.

But, not before she had Michelle rebook her fight for 2 days later, at a cost of $700. For a day it was also looking like an emergency issued passport was needed, as friends could not find her passport at home. It was thankfully discovered having slipped down between the draws. That at least saved $550...

The lesson here is you are not going anywhere overseas without your passport. Treat it like GOLD as it is worth much more.

Where Is The Official Oldest Hotel / Inn In The World?


Pat yourself on the back if you said... Japan. Nice work!

In the year 705 AD, a Japanese entrepreneur named Fujiwara Mahito opened a small inn at the foot of the Akaishi mountains in central Honshu.

At the time, few people probably thought the inn would last very long. Fujiwara didn’t know anything about being an innkeeper... He had been groomed to follow in his father’s footsteps and serve the emperor as a bureaucrat.

The location he selected for his inn was terribly remote; it was far from the capital city and difficult to reach. But Fujiwara believed in his idea: the inn was located next to the Hakuho hot springs, and he wanted to pump the waters to his inn and provide guests with natural hot baths. Eventually, the idea caught on, and Fujiwara’s hot springs inn became a favourite among battle worn samurai and Japanese nobility.

More than 1,300 years later, the inn is still going strong. This is, in fact, the oldest hotel in the world… and it has been operated by 52 generations of the same family going back to Fujiwara Mahito. This hotel has survived countless invasions, civil wars, financial crises, world wars, and even the atomic bomb. To think I have stressed out about NBN being down for 9 days!!! If you are looking for that unique holiday experience which few people you know will ever have then maybe this could be the answer.

Finally, as it is now 10 pm on Friday evening, I thought I would share a little saying that was told to me recently..."Cover the earth before it covers you"

Enjoy your weekend as it will be Monday before you can blink again.

John Spark