Love Is In The Air!

February 18, 2019 john 0 Comments

Hello There,

Happy Valentine’s Week…

What a week it has been... with the theme of LOVE being in the forefront of our awareness, as it's the week where many celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is apparently according to statistics, only recognised by 1/3rd of the population. Whilst the other 2/3rds regard it as total commercialisation!

I am not sure which side of the 3rds you sit, however I feel it is a time where LOVE is spoken about, roses are bought and gifts are received for those that need that reminder to share, show and tell the ones they love how much they mean to them.

Nilla & Jeanette

Over the years we have done some pretty crazy and special things for the one we love. The one memory that will always stay in my heart and mind is when Jeanette and I arranged to take John & Joe on an experience full of surprises!!!

We started by blindfolding them in the car and drove to all random places so that they would be really confused... and it worked!!!

Then we had arranged to have a table for 4 set up on the medium strip in the middle of York Street, where we parked the car. Then we took them by the hand and guided them to the middle of York Street to a table that was set just for them... To see the surprise on their faces was priceless and filled our hearts with joy and love.

So then with all the surprises taken care of, we were served, wined and dined like royalty!!! And YES we had a few stares and a number of hoots of the horns as they drove past...

For us this week we are in Perth, for medical appointments and to look after one of the new additions to our lives... and it is for the love of our son and grandson that John and I are in Perth babysitting our little Harvey.

So the little romantic ideas of the bygone days are just that... ideas, well for this year that is... LOL!

Love really is all encompassing and far reaching…

  1. Love for your family
  2. Love for your spouse
  3. Love for your children
  4. Love for your Grandchildren
  5. Love for yourself
  6. Love for your home
  7. Love for your garden
  8. Love for your kitchen
  9. Love for your work
  10. Love for your work colleagues
  11. Love for your town
  12. Love for your city
  13. Love for your country
  14. Love for adventure
  15. Love of travel
  16. Love of culture
  17. Love of etc etc etc…

There is so much to love and admire in every aspect of our lives, so even when things are not going as you want them to, there is always something to learn and appreciate from it.

On this note, I mentioned that John and I are babysitting Harvey whilst Mum & Dad are in Japan snowboarding. Lisa arranged everything and we packed the car with excitement...

Lisa & Jason going on a Ski holiday that they have sadly missed for a few years, and John and I excited that we are going to be a little family for a few days (something that I have never really had the fortune to experience and for John it was many years since his time with Jason).

We arrived at Terminal 1 which is the International Terminal to be told that we were in the wrong terminal. We had to go to Terminal 4 as that is where Qantas now leaves from. So panic set in for Lisa & Jason... Yes it was a mad rush to what we have always known as the Domestic Terminal. As all good stories end with a happy ending this one did as well... Lisa and Jason were in the right place at the right time, and now having a “kidless” holiday.

I quickly made a video at the airport so here it is…

So have a wonderful week and know that there’s always LOVE IS IN THE AIR !

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