Managing Travel Risk The Smart Way

October 12, 2019 john 0 Comments

One of the most critical roles we play for you, is considering all the ways we manage risk for your travel. From avoiding being caught by a scam to paying by credit card for better security. And this week I want to share a unique rarely possible risk management situation you can take advantage of next Friday.

Welcome To This Week's Edition of Travel Hub.

Monday we were closed which appears to have gone by without a hitch. Thankfully. Nilla and I are grateful for the extra time to refresh for the week ahead.

Last week two of our clients returned from Grand Pacific Tours in New Zealand. They both agreed to an interview on video with me. I asked as I felt Sandra and John are very different travellers who give contrasting perspectives of a New Zealand holiday.

- Meet John -
First Time Solo Traveller

John is a single 60 year old going on his first overseas holiday. It takes a lot of courage.

I put John on the spot, and with no preparation, he agreed because he could see how it might benefit others to get the courage and follow their dream of travelling.

If you are single and want to travel, then I invite you to watch Johns interview above, it just might be what you need.

- Meet Sandra -
Ulitmate New Zealand Review

Sandra is almost the opposite of John in travel terms. Sandra is very experienced at travel. What they both shared in common other than being in New Zealand was a Grand Pacific Tour.

Sandra was on the Ultimate and John the South Island tour in a completely different coach. Different styles of holidays, however, they both speak glowingly of how they were made to feel by there respective drivers and guides.

If you are looking for that something extra and different from a New Zealand holiday,
then check out what Sandra has to say in the video above.

Avoid The Risk By Joining Us Next Friday 18th Oct


Earlier I touched on a rare risk management opportunity. It is only happening in Albany once a year. You can't get a better way to gain first-hand experience on what a New Zealand coach is like without leaving Albany.

The other valuable risk management opportunity is for you to speak directly with the
Grand Pacific driver and representative. Frankly, their knowledge is as good as you can get.

They also know a great deal about New Zealand, which could be valuable whether
you take a tour or do it yourself.

Please read New Zealand Comes To Albany feature below:

The top 3 comments clients make about Grand Pacific Tours are:
- The surprises we got which were totally unexpected and so thoughtful. (sorry can't share here or they won't be surprises anymore!)

- It amazed us when we pulled into hotels and the staff immediately came to our assistance even when other coaches were ahead of us. (Happy to share the reason which is very motivating for the Hotel to do so).

- Everyone loves the coach driver and guide more than the scenery! Put simply these two people make the tour an experience rather than a scenic trip.

Another company that a number of our clients love is Viking Ocean Cruises. It has morphed from Viking River Cruises as clients were asking why don't they do ocean cruises?

Long story short, Viking set about creating as close as possible the river cruise product on the ocean. It has been famously successful for them. I invite you to explore for yourself below.

Viking Sea Stars On Explore TV

Considering your first Viking cruise? Then we suggest that you tune in to Channel Nine on Sunday 13 October 2019 at 4:30pm (AEDT) as Viking Sea will be the star of the show when Explore TV kicks off its very first 12-episode cruise special.

Presented by Trevor Cochrane, the series will introduce viewers to Viking’s unique ocean cruising style as well as two of the line’s most popular itineraries; the 15-day Into the Midnight Sun voyage and the 15-day British Isles Explorer. More about each of those sailings below.

Viewers will also have the chance to win a cruise for two sailing Into the Midnight Sun with Viking in 2020. Contact us if you have any questions regarding bookings for these cruises.

Into The Midnight Sun

This week’s episode will see Trevor explore the stunning natural beauty of Norway as he joins Viking Sea and prepares to sail in near 24 hour daylight through deep fjords and picturesque villages. The cruise begins in beautiful Bergen - best known as a Hanseatic outpost and the historic wooden warehouses of Bryggen that line the waterfront – before sailing the coast of Norway to destinations like Geiranger, the Lofoten Islands and gateway to the arctic, Tromsø.

British Isles Explorer

Following Explore TV’s Norwegian exploration, Trevor and his team will take a journey of discovery around the British Isles – visiting England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland – including the remote Atlantic islands of Shetland and Orkney.