Never A Dull Moment!

February 1, 2020 john 0 Comments


Life in the travel industry is never dull, and the coronavirus is making sure of that!!!

Let me start by sharing our thoughts to all people impacted from the coronavirus. Like recent fires, it reaches way beyond the victims. The disruption is massive. May everyone's recovery be speedy.

I don't want to try and offer my uneducated thoughts about how or where the coronavirus will take us all.

That is why I have included down the page, a couple of reasonably reliable sources of information.

Let's kick it up a gear to something more positive. Last week we shared that Danielle had returned to the nest. Yes, she is back after her year in Ireland. I convinced her to share a bit about her experience down below.

What A Year 2019 Was!

My Ireland Adventure

What a year 2019 was! Living in Galway, Ireland for 12 months was the most rewarding year of my life so far.

I left Travel With Purpose and Australia in October 2018 not knowing what was ahead of me.

I was very lucky and got a job working as a specialist cruise consultant for the 10 months living there. This brought new insight and experiences selling mainly European and Caribbean Cruises to Irish locals.

Travel Agency in Galway

Dingle, Ireland

It’s an experience I’m going to treasure for the rest of my life. I made great friends along the way; it really became clear to me that it’s not always where you are but who you’re with that really makes an impact.

Saying that, Galway and Ireland in general is an amazing place to visit and one I recommend travelling to one day if you haven’t already!

When I got home 3 months ago, I was in the process of getting a work permit to go back to the Travel Agency but 2 weeks ago decided to withdraw my application and stay home with family for a while.

I’ve also learnt that going with your gut instinct is important.

On that note, I’m now back and part of the team at Travel With Purpose, ready to get booking your amazing adventures around the world!

I’m always happy to talk about Ireland and let’s not forget their Guinness! (Yes, it’s way better than anywhere else around Australia and Europe, trust me, I’ve tried!)

Not Everyone's Cup Of Tea...

In fact, this is not about tea at all. And it won't suit most. However it is, in my opinion, an exciting travel experience.

Maybe one of that you dream of or love the idea of seeing others participating. For me, I am 50/50. I would like to do it but probably won't and yes, it's aroused my curiosity.

Last week I received an email from Evelin Weiss, who is experiencing travel like few of us ever can.

"I’m Evelin from OverlandSite, a website covering our (mine and Ferenc's) overland trips and also talks about Overlanding in general."

Evelin had come across one of our newsletters features a few months back. I was impressed and had no idea our reach was so wide and far.

I immediately clicked on her link to explore some more. I encourage you to as well.

It is incredible what she and Ferenc have experienced.

"We've travelled through Kazakhstan on our way driving from Budapest to Singapore and thought you may be interested in our piece on the Austrian Road in the Altai Region of this great country:

This road starts from Urunkhaika, a picturesque village in the northeast. We'd tried to put the post together from a different angle than other travel articles, i.e. travelling by car and discover the country that way."

This road starts from Urunkhaika, a picturesque village in the northeast. We'd tried to put the post together from a different angle than other travel articles, i.e. travelling by car and discover the country that way."


I loved this page and clicking on the little circles of where they visited the looking at the beautiful pictures. Not your usual travel pictures or travel writers articles. That's what makes Evelin so interesting and different. More than 6000 people a month visit the Overland site.

I encourage you to make sure to get your information from reputable sources such as the Smartraveller , World Health Organization ( WHO ) website ( Newest Situation Report on 29 Jan 2020 ), rather than on social media or other unreliable sources.

It is important to consider all the facts and measure an appropriate response during times such as these.
Nilla; Kelly; Danielle and I are here to advise and help with any travel-related matters.

Please reach out that's part of our role as your trusted travel agent. Remember though we only get updates and cant make predictions. We deal with the facts.

So that's it for this week. No specials even though we have many. I want to keep as light-hearted as possible because of how we are all feeling with the seriousness of coronavirus.

Enjoy your weekend, be happy and count your blessings.

With Purpose

John C. Spark