“No qualms working with someone a few states away”

September 8, 2016 john 0 Comments

Interview with Claire Wardley from Victoria

Claire first reached out to us in January 2015 via email from Victoria. She was looking to book an extensive holiday for her parents in Europe when she came across us.

Claire’s challenge was that she felt that she didn’t have the required knowledge to book her parents holiday, as she had been doing in the past.

Claire discovered http://besteuropeanrivercruises.com.au while researching, she immediately felt that we had the expertise to assist her.

Claire says “I liked the way that you were all very open and up front with each other, and you asked me ‘why are you going through us and not doing it yourself.’ I think that’s a very good and honest way to be with customers.”

“Your company seemed to have all the knowledge that I didn’t have and that I lacked, which is why I felt comfortable working with Travel With Purpose to get my bookings underway.”

“It’s very easy, and if they need the assistance or want some advice, definitely reach out to Travel With Purpose/Best European River Cruises, even if you don’t book with them you still get a lot of information.”

Claire finished the interview by saying she had “No qualms working with someone a few states away” and felt that anyone in the same position as herself, booking a holiday for their parents would benefit enormously from contacting Travel With Purpose/Best European River Cruises.