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  1. Samuel Johnson - Love Your Sister
  2. Do something different - Insist on Joy
  3. Nilla Skydiving
  4. Nilla’s Hip Replacement - Embrace Now
  5. APT Dinner & Lake Eyre Springs To Life!

Samuel Johnson - Love Your Sister

For me, watching contestant Samuel Johnson on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ dance his heart out for an incredible cause “Love Your Sister” is heartwarming & personal.

Before their performance, they are interviewed and what struck my heart deeply is when Sam mentioned that in his head everyday since Connie lost her battle with Breast Cancer, are these words….

“Now is Awesome and to insist on JOY”

How often do we put off doing the things that we love, because we can’t be bothered, we are too tired, can’t afford it or basically stuck in a rut!!!

Recently, I learnt of a cousin of mine who at 55 suffered a stroke! In her words “she dodged a bullet”...after speaking to her at the wedding we attended over the weekend, she mentioned that she looks at life so differently now.

As Connie Johnson said “NOW IS AWESOME” we only have now as we do not know what lies ahead…

Do Something Different - Insist On Joy

So my message this week is get out there and do the things that you have always wanted to do... be it close to home, be it with your family, be it booking a Round The World cruise, be it learning how to dance, be it to ride a bike, be it to something that will bring you JOY!!!

Nilla Skydiving

I mentioned that this has hit me personally as well as you know almost 15 years ago I also “dodged a bullet” when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. When I sit here and think of what I have done and achieved since then, when it could have been so different, I am so grateful and blessed.

Yes I did things that I never thought I would do, one being a 14000ft Skydive in Nelson, New Zealand!!! And it was AWESOME…

"Skydiving from 16,500ft on New Years Eve, an incredible experience a total "leap of faith"... - at Motueka & Abel Tasman National Park, where John come's from.

It was my Christmas present from John that I will always treasure as it enabled me to understand even more that anything is possible if you want it to be..


Now I am battling another little health “war”, however there is light at the end of the tunnel “so to speak”, with my Hip Replacement operation now scheduled for next week Tuesday 5th March!

This came as quite a surprise, as I had my appointment with the Nurse from Perth Hip & Knee Clinic earlier this week, we were going through my impending surgery then she says....

”Would you like to have your surgery done earlier, like next Tuesday and if you can are you able to come to clinic for your pre-op consult tomorrow!”

Panic set in, my head was prepared for the 27th not the 5th March!!!! John is nodding his head and saying “do it”!!!! “Let me come back to you and confirm...”

So after nearly wanting to be sick, cancelling everything I had planned for the month, arranging for my operations new date, packing to go to the APT Awards Dinner, and finally arranging the meeting with my surgeon I can safely say that YES I am getting a new hip on Tuesday...

So after everything settled down and I stopped freaking out, we had a lovely flight to Perth yesterday afternoon, attended the Awards Dinner last night, had a successful meeting with Surgeon today and now waiting to fly home to prepare for my next adventure...

I am constantly reminding myself of the BIG PURPOSE of why this is happening, there is always a purpose and that is why we call ourselves TRAVEL WITH PURPOSE...

Now can we tempt you to tick something off on your bucket list... and embrace "the here and the now?"

See Lake Eyre Spring To Life!

Located in the deserts of northern South Australia and covering thousands of hectares, the Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre water basin is the lowest natural point in the country. On the rare occasion that it floods it becomes the largest salt lake in Australia, taking on a characteristic pink hue and creating a natural masterpiece that attracts a vast array of bird life including white pelicans and finches and a vast array of flora.

After an unexpected amount of recent rainfall, APT have announced that they will launch an exclusive 7 Days Lake Eyre and Flinders Ranges tour, which includes a memorable scenic flight giving you the unique chance to take in Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre from the skies, gaining a true appreciation of this magnificent landscape... This one will be popular!

Plus this week Nilla and John attended the APT Travel Group evening which was a great night recognising tremendous travel agent partners at their VIP evening...

Nilla won an award for Sales & Rising Star! This is why we truly are the experts with APT holidays!

7 Days / March to May 2019 / From $3,995pp / Save $1,000 per couple

Fly Over Lake Eyre
Board an included scenic flight over Lake Eyre, then drive to the edge of the lake where you’ll walk on the salt flats

Ikara-Flinders Ranges
This national park is a cultural, historical and geological wonder renowned for its 800-million-year-old landscapes.

Touring The Outback With APT - What's It Like?

Discover the answers to frequently asked questions about our tours and gain some insight into what it is like traveling with APT.

From the Missisippi to the Mekong, the world’s rivers are becoming the hottest way to travel. The result is that more ships are being built to meet the increasing demand, and that's great news for us, as the river cruise operators are really are going that extra mile to try and make their new ships even more spectacular than the rest.

Introducing AmaMagna

One such new ship that caught our attention is the AmaMagna; the result of a partnership between APT and AmaWaterways. Launching in May, she will be nearly twice the width of traditional river ships, with a daring design that will appeal to those seeking a fresh and dynamic take on river cruising, as well as ocean cruisers accustomed to the luxury of more.

Inside View of a Balcony Suite


Watersports platform & sundowner vessel

APT's Exclusive 2020 AmaMagna Voyage

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With just one exclusive departure in 2020 with APT, this is not to be missed. Departing on 14 June, sail the majestic Danube from Bucharest to Munich experiencing the extraordinary AmaMagna and 16 destinations! The voyage includes Freedom of Choice inclusions in eight locations, luxury dining with a wide range of onboard beverages and an expert cruise director.

Follow in the footsteps of Elisabeth of Bavaria, enjoy an imperial train journey & tour Gödöllő Palace.

Attend a private classical concert featuring members of the Mozart's Boys Choir at the City Palace in Vienna.

Sail through the dramatic Iron Gates gorge, where the Danube narrows as it winds between Serbia and Romania.