Ocean Cruising takes on a River Cruise feel

September 8, 2016 john 0 Comments

Ocean Cruising has mostly been all about who can build the biggest, ‘swankiest’ ships.

There is almost no bounds to what extreme the cruise lines will go to.

So when Brendan Corey, one of the leading cruise experts in Australia, called and said he would love to host a special cruise presentation for customers.. I jumped all over the idea!

Then Brendan said ‘just so you know, I’m on a holiday cruise calling into Albany and can spare a couple of hours.’

You will love what Viking are doing to Ocean Cruising!

The background is viking River Cruise clients were asking “When are you going to start ocean cruising?”

Viking knew there were already enough mega cruise ships, so they set about creating a totally new ‘River Cruise on the Ocean’ style of ship.

Brendan explains it all in his presentation:

(Please note that this is raw, un-edited footage, we plan on releasing a better version in the future.)