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The importance of people in your life- It was most unusual for me. I spent a lot of time on my own over the Australia Day weekend and my mind ran wild…

Back-Roads Touring- If you don’t know about this style of travel then this wild open the possibilities for you. Be sure to watch the video which John has with Michelle…you will be glad.

Peregrine Adventures- “The 5 Myths of adventure travel-BUSTED” video will change your perception of Adventure. Guaranteed. Be sure to watch it and then register for…

Sometimes I don’t know where the inspiration comes from to write our newsletter, so what I do is I just sit with my laptop, fingers poised and start typing. All the while saying to myself “where are you taking me this week Nilla…” Well today Barbara Striesand’s beautiful song People Who Need People came into my head, and I’m not sure why, so I dwell on the message and then “viola” the inspiration starts to flow…

This last weekend was our Australia Day Long Weekend. A weekend where many celebrated with family and friends, many were able to watch the incredible fireworks from the shores of the Swan River, and others like myself and John were home watching all this action on our TV.

John played golf in the Wittenoom Cup on the Saturday and Sunday and due to my lack of mobility, at the moment, I was home alone and as I was in my own time and space, what really hit me is that we really do need people in our lives to keep us motivated, sane and needed.
There is only so much cleaning, reading, cooking and watching movies that you can do without interaction with others. You only see what your eyes can see and what your ears can hear however, you cannot express yourself as there is no one there to listen.

So as usual this got me thinking… again!

I realised how important it is to have family, friends, a place where you can go to everyday and be able to be of service, talk, laugh, interact and express your thoughts. And how blessed and grateful I am of all the travel and experiences that I have had over the years where now I can share with others.

Back Roads Touring

This became even more prevalent yesterday where we had Michelle from Back-Roads Touring in the office enjoying a homemade Tuscan lunch with 8 past passengers.

It took me all morning to prepare a 3 course Tuscan inspired meal that was enjoyed by all, however it was the chatter, the sharing of their experiences and then personal details to each other, that made me realise that “ people do need people ”.

Not only is Back-Roads Touring a wonderful product it’s a product that brings people together to share EXPERIENCES.

Please watch the video interview John had with Michelle ( down below ) to get a feel of what Back Roads Touring is and why it is up a huge 40% in passengers last year from WA.

Now remember this is no Hollywood production as after all we are travel agents first and foremost!

However you will gain some interesting insights from Michelle and who knows Back Roads could be just what you are looking for!

Peregrine & Intrepid