The Antarctic…is it on your bucket list?

April 9, 2018 Nilla Spark 0 Comments

If so then you will want to explore all that is on this page to discover the basic essentials Antarctic travel. And the short video from Chimu our specialist supplier of choice is perfect.

You will discover…

  1. Where is Antarctica
  2. How to get there. In case you didn’t realise you can depart from Hobart, Australia.
  3. How Jennifer Byrne and Andrew Denton describe Antarctica-They have visited several times.
  4. What Ken Done likes to do in Antarctica
  5. What wildlife can you see? It varies depending on the time of the season you choose.
  6. Which itinerary is for you? They range from 10-32 days giving you a wide range of choice. (Suggest you seek
    our expertise to guide you as it is the most significant factor for most people.)
  7. Which ship is for you? There are over 25 available ranging from exploration to ultimate luxury.
  8. Hear what past Chimu passengers think…

Did you know how many million years (that is not a misprint) parts of the Antarctic have no rain or snow? The answer is at 4.17 in the video.

Do enjoy and remember you are not on your own if you have questions and you will then reach out in the form below the video. You will not be asked to buy anything…that is our cast iron promise to you.

“The Antarctic exerts the powerful attraction of the inaccessible which leads Man to become passionately engaged. One is never the same after returning from a long stay on the white continent.” – Jean-Louis Etienne

Explored by man since only 1820, this vast icy continent offers spectacular mountain scenery, the world’s biggest icebergs and an extraordinary array of wildlife: fur seals, penguins, albatrosses, sea elephants, orcas and whales live side by side in large numbers. No wonder then, that the number of vessels heading to the region is on the rise.

But that in itself presents a problem; choosing can be confusing! That’s unless you’ve got a travel professional on your side. We have featured a few different itinerary and ship options below (as well as some incredible offers for the early-birds amongst you) – when you match the three up you have the recipe for an epic adventure!

Antarctic Peninsula & South Shetland

Encounter whales, icebergs, enormous rookeries of penguins and stunning landscapes that few have ever witnessed. Voyages are 10-12 days in duration.

+ South Georgia & Falkland Islands

South Georgia is known as the “Galapagos of the South”, home to the largest colony of king penguins on this planet. Voyages are 16-23 days in duration.

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Ponant (Luxury +)
Ponant are doing something that has never been done before; they’re taking six star luxury cruising to the most remote and previously inhospitable places on the planet. Those booking right now can enjoy the best choice of staterooms & suites, AND enjoy the best fares!

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Hondius (Luxury)
The brand new Hondius will be the highest Polar Class notation for ice-strengthened vessels, making it suitable for advanced, innovative and exploratory quality voyages with all the comforts of a traditional luxury cruise.

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Sea Spirit (Luxury)
Sail aboard the remarkably comfortable all-suite ship and experience Antarctica in grand style. She was refurbished in 2017, so your surroundings while aboard will be the perfect cosy complement to the icy landscapes outside.

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Ocean Atlantic (Superior)
This ice-class expedition ship features spacious outdoor areas and newly refurbished interiors. The contemporary design offers heightened comfort while the small size offers a close-to-shore experience. The incredible value of this ship makes an Antarctic expereince more accessible than ever before.

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MS Expedition (Mid-Range)
Safe, sturdy and fast, the MS Expedition is among the most comfortable and spacious in its class. With a focus on safety and comfort, she has been transformed into one of the world’s leading Polar expedition ships.

Great to see you are interested in taking the next small step to explore your Antarctica options.

A caveat…

It is important to me that you know I recognise I have no idea at what stage you are with your research. And therefore I promise to NOT sell you anything or to ASK you to buy.

You might also like to know…

My favourite phrase from my 35 years of helping people just like you is…”You don’t know what you don’t know”. Think about this for a minute. Isn’t that why you are researching right now?

Now, if you are open to having me ask you a few “proven key questions” I will assure you, you will feel much less overwhelmed and more confident of how to select your perfect Antarctic experience.

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