The Power Of A Wonderful Team!

March 14, 2020 john 0 Comments

Hi There

Today’s message is to our excellent, extraordinary team.

At 2:30 this afternoon, I addressed Nilla, Kelly and Danielle and felt you should also hear.

Firstly I thanked them for how they have coped with the wave of bookings that needed to be changed or refunds sorted. ( Most will not understand how much pressure this has put on supplier reservation teams as well as the girls. )

I have never witnessed so many rule changes on bookings in 35 years. It is superhuman.

Next I said we don’t want to put ourselves in a position where we have an opinion for or against travel.

Instead, we must be a curator of travel advice using all our resources. Including seeking knowledge and insights from outside the travel industry.

One of my most trusted resources for the big picture. To me, understanding the big picture is critical, and that is my promise to you and my team.
We all know there is true and false information circulating. Some deliberate and some just plain ill-informed. But how do you pick which is which? It is getting very hard.
It is likely going to become worse before this subsides. Keeping a clear head will be necessary to make informed travel decisions. Please reach out with your questions and concerns.


The Travel Opportunity Of A Lifetime

May Be About To Present Itself

The travel opportunity of a lifetime may be about to present itself… and it could be the most significant pay off ever for you. My vision of the future is very positive.

Predictions are hard. But here goes nothing…

The travel industry is or was 76 trillion dollars per annum. It will change, possibly a great deal very shortly.

There will always be hotels, trains, planes and ships. I am sure of that. Which means the companies that own them need to fill them when this threat is over.

It will create a minefield of choices. And a bargain shopping spree for earlier movers the likes that have never been experienced.

Be ready, it is going to be very rewarding for the prudent prepared traveller.

I will start sharing how you can prepare next week.

That if you like is the certainties.

When the time is right, we will be here to guide you, that’s our promise.


Please do whatever you can to stay positive and optimistic. Do something nice this weekend anything that makes you feel better.

With Purpose

John C Spark