The Purpose Of Family…

December 17, 2018 john 0 Comments

Travel With Purpose is a “family”, a family environment for our clients, a family environment for our girls and a family that John and I are very proud of…

Lucy Turner has been part of our family on and off for the past 20 years, to watch Lucy grow into this beautiful competent, caring, compassionate and loyal individual has been a joy and we so appreciate all that she does for us and “you” our clients.

The following will show the amazing heart that Lucy has for what she has endured over these past few months helping her special Mum and what she arranged to show her love and gratitude to LIFE…


Ang’s Birthday trip to the Manjimup Cherry Festival

So my Mum has 2 birth dates… the 8th of December 1939, the day she was born and the 1st of January 1940, the day she was registered.  We always celebrate her birthday on the 8th of December and I’m so glad we do because this year it was the same day as the Manjimup Cherry Festival.  Mum had no idea what I was planning, I wanted to give her a big surprise especially after the year she just had….

Ang was diagnosed with a Pleomorphic Dermal Sarcoma.  This is basically a rare type of Skin Cancer that appeared on the top part of her chest.  Thankfully it was spotted in time by her GP and so the journey began to have it removed. A trip to Perth to see the specialist at the State Sarcoma Service confirmed that she would need surgery to remove it and then further surgery for a skin graft to close the gaping hole.

She had both surgery’s within a few days of each other which meant a stay in hospital for nearly 2 weeks then a further 2 weeks in Perth recovering at my sister’s house. She was so happy to get home back to Albany although it did mean further regular visits with Silverchain.

Thankfully, the cancer was completely removed and a visit to the specialist in November confirmed that she is cancer free… YAY !!  Such a relief for her and for the whole family.

So, after all that… I thought it would be a great idea to treat my beautiful, amazing & strong mother to a day out for her birthday. A few calls to her friends and all of a sudden I had a bus load.

What started off as a small group of people on a 13 seater bus turned out to a larger group on a 21 seater bus! And… they all kept it hush, hush so my mum wouldn’t find out. Quite a feat for so many…lol!

The night before I told her to be ready by 8.00am and that was it… she knew nothing else. Saturday morning came and she was starting to wonder why a few of her friends were gathered outside the house.
The penny sort of dropped when Dave & I pulled up in front of the house in the Busy Blue Bus. She knew we were going somewhere but still not sure where. Once everyone was settled in the bus I announced to mum that we are heading to Manjimup for the Cherry Festival. She was so happy…

Off we went and the bus ride was full of chatter, laughter, singing… it was really lovely. I never knew my dad could sing so well!

In Other News… John Wins Another Golf Day!

John and his fellow golfers won the World of Cars golf day… To say he was chuffed is an understatement, these boys really embraced the Christmas Cheer as well… lol!

Congratulations boys!!!

Did Someone Say Prosecco?

An Alternative For The Thirsty Traveller!

Did you know that wine-making in Italy dates back over 4,000 years? The result is staggering; 2,000 different grape varietals across 20 distinct wine regions. But of all these flavours one of our favourites (particularly during Summer) has to be Prosecco, a great alternative to costly Champagnes, and it’s produced in one of the most beautiful regions on earth; Veneto.

So if you like the sound of an all-inclusive, prosecco-soaked getaway, then we have the ideal tour for you; CIT Italy Travel Connection’s Prosecco Hills Escape.

Over 4 days you’ll experience all the Veneto Region has to offer with the convenience of a hassle-free guided tour, leaving you to enjoy all the bubbles you can handle. Experience a wide range of activities in the heart of the Prosecco Hills, visit hidden hangout spots and become truly educated in all things Prosecco, so you can fly home a true connoisseur.

 Tour Highlights

  Highlights of your small group tour (maximum 8 per group) includes
A 3 course lunch in the Prosecco Hills

Discover DOCG with 2 winery visits with tastings

3 nights countryside accommodation

Enjoy a Prosecco Masterclass with tastings


And so much more, for as little as $1,589pp sharing!

  • VIP shopping session in Treviso
  • 2 course dinner in the centre of Treviso
  • Walking tour of Venic
  • Arrival & departure transfers from Venice
  • English speaking driver & local host
  • 2 course dinner in a traditional “Osteria”
  • 6x wine & Cicchetti at a “Bacari” in Venice