This Week’s Travel Hub… Polar Bears Or Penguins?

March 9, 2019 john 0 Comments

Hi There,

A very warm welcome to this week's Travel Hub hosted by John, as Nilla had her hip replacement operation on Tuesday night.

More on that shortly.

In today's issue, we will cover:

  1. Nilla's operation and her recovery.
  2. Next weeks release of our new exciting cruise service.
  3. A bucket list escorted Antarctic experience hosted by Nilla and myself.

Nilla's Recovery Update

Okay so let's get the ball rolling with an update on Nilla.

To say Nilla was just a little nervous and apprehensive on Tuesday is a gross understatement. She will probably serve me for sharing it this way. Hey, we are all family so here goes.

Getting Nilla to the hospital reminded me of the times we had to take Buddy to the vets. I mean this is the nicest way. This operation has been kept on her back burner for a couple of years and was long overdue.

The exciting news the op went very well and Nilla gained the praise of being a model patient from her nurses. Just goes to show how powerful our minds are in distorting the picture when we are fearful. A great lesson for us travellers.

Just 3 days after her op Nilla is now home recovering at Jason, Lisa and Harveys. In fact, she plans to be here until the end of March.

Nilla's Last Words Prior To Going On To The Operating Table

Surrender, acceptance and trusting the process!!! That is what these 24 hours have taught me... all the fear and tears shed are all behind me now!!! Feeling a bit dopey nearly passed out when they tried to get me to shower this morning then they tried again twice this afternoon and YAY finally walked into shower feel so much fresher now!!!

OMG the drugs they are pumping into me... oh well!!!

I am so grateful to Mr Dermot Collopy, Dr Bougher, all the staff at St John of God Murdoch, John, Lisa, Jason, family & friends, for all the care & love you have shown me during this challenging period in my life!!!

Australia The 2nd Fastest Growing Market

Australia the 2nd fastest growing market in the world and what this means to you:

First and foremost the cruise companies are investing billions to make new ships and market them to customers. This means there is a smorgass board of deals, information and ultimately confusion for customers.

With 50 plus cruise companies trying to entice you to take one of the 40,000 plus cruises available between now and 2022, it is a very complex task to select the perfect option. The good news is we are here to help and guide you.

If you are feeling up for some exploring on your own then this is a great place to start.

Antarctic Bucket List...

Antarctic bucket list... let's tick it off together with a bunch of friends!!!

Way back in 2007 Nilla and I had booked and paid to do our dream Cruise in Antarctica. Then I had a medical scare that forced us to cancel. We were gutted. Even more so when the group came home with their unbelievable stories and photos.

They came up with a great idea of each person having a turn to write a daily diary of their experience. Then included some awesome photos and facts to make a beautiful coffee table book. This will be a must for our group in December 2020.

Our 2nd attempt to reach Antarctica also feel just short when we were teamed up to join Tracey Bevan from the McGrath Foundation. Unfortunately again we had to pull out...

So this time we are determined to achieve our long anticipated bucket list goal.

I have included a couple of teaser photos from clients who are currently in Antarctica right now. Let your imagination run wild.

Down the page, I have included an example of what we are offering no matter when you are ready to experience Antarctica. Next week I will have the exact itinerary our special group will be enjoying.

If you are interested to find out more then please reply to this email and we make sure you get early notification and the best deal we can offer.

So keep an eye on your inbox as next week will be big especially if you are thinking of a cruise holiday

Polar Bears Or Penguins?

In a world that's so connected, and so accessible, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find truly “unique” experiences where the reality lives up to, or even exceeds, the hype. But we can think of two destinations right away, and they're polar opposites - literally!

Will it be North or South? Polar Bears or Penguins? Whichever you decide now is the time to act, as savings of up to 15% are available on Chimu Adventures' 2019 / 2020 polar expeditions aboard the M/S Expedition; a ground (and ice) breaking Polar expedition ship:

Safe, sturdy and fast, the M/S Expedition features large common areas and observation decks including a 360° Top Observation Deck that provide panoramic views of the stunning landscapes of Antarctica. Accommodating up to 134 passengers in spacious cabins, each featuring portholes or ocean-facing windows and private en-suite facilities, the M/S Expedition provides space and comfort whilst still offering an intimate small-ship cruise experience. The ship also boasts a gym, sauna and barbecue facilities.

Take a cruise to Antarctica and experience a trip of a lifetime that you’ll remember forever. Become fully present and experience a clarity of mind you didn’t think possible. The remoteness, renowned ruggedness and array of unique wildlife are undoubtedly what keeps Antarctica right up the top of most traveller’s bucket-list.

Classic Antarctica

11 days from $8,399*
Explore South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, home to some of the planet's most impressive wildlife and most dramatic landscapes.

Spirit Of Shackleton

21 days from $18,499*
Experience vast penguin rookeries & seal colonies on this awe-inspiring voyage to Antarctica, South Georgia & the Falkland Islands on the M/S Expedition.

Quest For The Circle

Day 1: Arrive in Ushuaia.
Day 2: Time to explore Ushuaia.
Days 3-4: Crossing the Drake Passage.
Days 5-6: Close-up experiences with wildlife and icebrgs on the Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands.
Day 7-8: Set southward along the Western coast of the Antarctic Peninula crossing the Polar Circle.
Days 9-11: Antarctic Peninsula & South Sheltland Islands exploration.
Days 12-13: Return Drake passage crossing.
Day 14: Disembark in Ushuaia.

The Arctic is one of the world’s most extraordinary regions famous for its dramatic landscapes and fascinating wildlife. While Spitsbergen is famed the “wildlife capital of the Arctic”, all other regions of the Arctic are also perfect for whale, seal and polar bear watching. Nature lovers will love Greenland, the least densely populated country in the world.

Realm Of The Polar Bear

8 days from $4,679*

Spitsbergen is home to more polar bears than people and so this is the best opportunity for a close-up encounter. Explore by ship, on foot and via Zodiac.

Arctic Highlights

15 days from $8,369*

Sailing from Spitsbergen to Greenland, follow the ice’s edge with an eye peeled to the horizon for wildlife. Explore not only by ship, but also on foot and via Zodiac.

Scottish Islands & Norwegian Fjords

Day 1: The MS Expedition departs in the late afternoon, sailing towards Kirkwall. Day 2: Visit Kirkwall/Orkney. Day 3: Continue northwards to the remote Shetland Islands. Day 4: Bergen. Day 5: Hop on the Flåm Railway. Day 6: Cruise into the Olden Fjord. Day 7: Sail deep into one of Norway’s most beautiful, and most visited, fjords - Geirangerfjord. Day 8: Trondheim. Day 9: Visit Torghatten/Vega. Day 10: Visit Svartisen, Lovund, and Vikingen, to see beautiful glaciers. Day 11: Lofoten. Day 12: At sea. Day 13: Nordkapp. 14: Disembark from Tromsø.