Time For Change – Winter Is Finally Here…

May 4, 2019 john 0 Comments

At last winter is finally here. After baking in a very warm March and half of April in Perth I can now refresh in the cooler clear air that winter brings. I love wearing my winter jackets. There is something very special about going out in the cold and not feeling cold.

  • In this weeks Travel Hub, I share the exact message I sent my team at 1:43 am Friday morning.
  • Nilla had a surprise retirement party on Tuesday night
  • A very rare Bucket List opportunity... Lake Eyre
  • Look which destination is in the Forbes top 14... Are you as surprised as me?!

It's Never Too Late To Change Together


Last Friday when most of you were snug and warm in your bed, I was attending a online training webinar at midnight. Yes not my ideal hour however the lady lives in the USA so not much choice.

The training finished at about 1:20 am. I noticed the video above which I urge to watch as it changed my opinion of an event that I held a firm view of. At least I thought I did. What a lesson this turned out to be for me.

I just had to share it with my team and now as I also want to share with you. Please do watch Greta's video, as it's only 3:29 minutes.

I also wrote this message to my team at 1:43 am:

It was asked of me why still am I in travel at our meeting? Greta, summed it up perfectly in this powerful video. I want our planet to be much better than it is now for everyone, as we have made a mess of it in many ways.

Education and effective communication are the most powerful ways to make the changes needed. And travel stands head and shoulders above all others methods to educate and impact individuals. Plus its a lot of fun!!! Greta is first and foremost an individual...an extraordinary individual.

Others are needed. You just might be booking the grandparent, parent or the individual themselves that becomes the next Greta. Who is to know? Your children, our grandkids have the right to expect a better planet. Our mission is to make it easy and fun to explore the planet. And to encourage a meaningful connection with all cultures for greater understanding.

I know we cant change the world however with each person we book we are making the same impact as a pebble thrown into a still lake. It will make a small wave and if many people throw in a pebble the effect is significantly compounded. in case you are wondering why am I up at 1.43am on a Friday night? It is because I attended a travel webinar which was on FB and I noticed Greta's message.

Frankly I was so moved as I did not understand or really support the kids school strike last month. I feel differently now...

I would love to hear how you feel about Greta's message so please send me your comments at john@travelwithpurpose.com.au

Nilla Retires... It's True She Has!!!


Most never thought we would see the day when Nilla retires from the front line of travel. However with a health challenge and the support of our wonderful team Nilla has stepped back to focus on her recovery from her hip operations.

Nilla only learnt on Friday she was to be the main guest on Tuesday evening for her gathering. And would like to apologise to you if you were not invited. This does not make you any less important and Nilla extends her gratitude for being a part of our travel family.

I shared Nilla's travel history and most were very surprised to learn we purchased our first agency in 1985 on a $6000 credit card loan. Amazing to think that something like 140 million dollars of travel has been enjoyed as a result.

Here are a few words from our wonderful Nilla:

"WOW what a journey this has been, new hip to soon be new hips, not going to the office, just having to look after me, myself & I... and not really sure where this journey is going to take me!

As you probably know the girls & John arranged for a few of my old clients to come together to have something to eat, drink and in a way to say “bye” to Nilla at Travel With Purpose!

So John & I thought that I should maybe say a few words...

So here I go AGAIN...

I never have difficulty with words, however right now I am not sure what to say...

On Tuesday the girls & John, semi surprised me with inviting some of my special clients to a get together in the office, where there was a reflection of my years of Travel and to see my progress!

As I was getting ready I reflected over the past 12 months. Pain in my left leg commenced in April and progressively became worse, tried so many things to alleviate the pain as I had a 340km Portuguese Camino to walk in September...
A Camino that only saw 200kms of my footsteps, saw me in pain, saw me fall, saw my tears, frustration and joy. On my return the pain progressively became worse which led to a diagnosis of having to have both my hips replaced!!! As I said on Tuesday night to our gathering with a few tears... “Breast Cancer didn’t stop me however these hips have”!!!

So I have had to come to a decision to step away from the office indefinitely. Mainly because I am still in rehabilitation of my right hip which has now been almost 3 months, and on the 14th May my right hip will be replaced.

My focus has to be on my health for now...

So to those that came on Tuesday night, to those that were not able to join us and to all my very special clients that have loved & supported me / us over the years all that I can say is say a massive THANK YOU...

The girls and John are still in the office to carry on looking after you all, and they can keep you posted on my progress.

I am humbled, overwhelmed & very grateful for all the support you have given me.

One day in the new year if you see me running, “toot” your horn with celebration... as I will definitely be celebrating my mobility!!!

So for now it is BYE BYE until we next meet...”

Forbes Top 14 Destinations In 2019...


For a destination to truly be categorized in the top 14 places to visit, "it needs to be experiencing a shift in the way it looks and feels" says Forbes. It could be that it is taking on a more cultural approach with gallery or museum openings or noting itself on the epicurean radar with fresh food halls or eateries from high profile chefs.

These aspects are what Forbes Travel Guide editors notice, whether they are a traditional hot spot which has been re-invented or new cities brought to the table, they all have their own unique reasons for being worthy of a visit in 2019.

Check out the full list below:

  • Singapore
  • Hudson Yards, New York
  • Willamsburg, Virginia
  • California's Central Coast
  • Vietnam
  • Grand Canyon
  • St. Barts
  • Istanbul
  • San Diego
  • Muscat, Oman
  • Perth
  • Amsterdam
  • Paris
  • Anguilla

That's it for this week. Thanks for being with me. Catch you next Saturday.

John Spark.

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Located in the deserts of northern South Australia and covering thousands of hectares, the Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre water basin is the lowest natural point in the country. On the rare occasion that it floods it becomes the largest salt lake in Australia, taking on a characteristic pink hue and creating a natural masterpiece that attracts a vast array of bird life including white pelicans and finches and a vast array of flora.

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Ikara-Flinders Ranges
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