Unique and Rewarding Travel Experiences

August 22, 2019 john 0 Comments

I love what Lisa at Crooked Compass is offering. And yes it is not for most of you. However, it will be of interest if you care about the future of threatened wildlife. Especially the Orangutans. It makes me so made inside what big business will do in complete disregard to wildlife and native inhabitants all for the love of money. There that's my little rant.

Please read it might be one of the most unique and rewarding travel experiences you could do in your lifetime. Then if you would like to see the itinerary and learn exactly what you will be doing each day. Then reach out to Nilla who can answer your questions.

Release a re-habituated Orangutan

Today, 19th August, is World Orangutan Day and Crooked Compass has released its most exclusive experience yet, allowing travellers the rare opportunity to release a re-habituated orangutan back into the depths of the East Kalimantan jungle.

Crooked Compass has joined forces with Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation (BOS) to provide travellers with access to join the release program for the first time ever. This is not a group tour. It's about individual desire to help, learn and assist in releasing Orangutan deep into the jungle into protected areas. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“It’s very well controlled and you will work and be under the guidance of the team release leader and the head vet,” says Lisa Pagotto, Founder of Crooked Compass.

The 10 day expedition travels through the stunning Hindu temples of Prambanan before a train journey through Central Java. In the old Dutch city of Malang, you have the opportunity to stay in the Former President Sukarno's residence, experience a magical sunrise from Mt Bromo, with its volcano craters and then for the true highlight...

Travellers will witness the tragic ‘green desert’ caused by the demand for palm oil use globally before trekking and camping deep in the forest as they are positioned for the release. For those wanting to add another level to the experience, there is also an option to helicopter in with the orangutans.

In conjunction with the conservation efforts of this program, travellers will also have the enriching experience of a rare interaction with the ancient Dayak tribes. The Dayak, are head hunters who live by complex religious practices which involve numerous local spirits and omen animals. Interacting with this diminishing tribe, offers a rare opportunity of cultural exchange as you help increase their understanding of conservation as well as providing a platform for them to teach you about their ancient ways of life.