Valentines Day Gift Ideas

February 6, 2017 Nilla Spark 0 Comments

Whether you’ve planned a super romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day or maybe it’s a fun night in… you might still be searching for a cool gift for your travel-loving partner. If you’re struggling to think of ideas, take a look at some of ours… we believe they will be the perfect map to your traveller’s heart.

ONE: Leather Passport holder and Luggage Tag set 

It’s always a special gift when someone does that little bit extra and makes it personalised. These luggage tags with a message from you to your partner are a beautiful gift this valentines day. You can get them made here


TWO: Face Mist 

Airplanes are moisture-sucking monsters. Even a few hours of being exposed to a cabin’s ultra dry air are enough to sap your skin, never mind a long distance flight. So why not get a nice face spray for your partner to use during the next flight. Most skin product brands will have a face mist of some sorts and this is one example

THREE: Perfume Mini Collection

When travelling you want to be able to smell good but often feel silly packing a large Perfume… especially the guys. So why not look at a mini collection like this one for him or her this valentines day. 


FOUR: Leather Travel Wallet

You can find some beautiful Travel Wallets these days and you could make this one even better by including a Travel With Purpose Gift card or Travel Card to use on their next travel journey. Office works have some great wallets that are a reasonable price and Kikki K have some stunning Travel Wallets that the ladies will love.


FIVE: Instant film camera

How cool that your travel partner will be able to capture your next travel adventure using an instant film camera, printing images as you go! Retravision have this one at the moment which is awesome!


SIX: Funky Travel Socks

It’s the perfect gift for someone who wants to keep their feet warm during the flight. And Happy Socks have so many different designs, I’m sure you can find one to win over your travellers heart. Check them out here


SEVEN: French Champagne or Cognac

Can’t get to France this year? That’s ok… you can still experience it with a beautiful bottle of French Champagne for her or French Cognac for him. You can see more options here


EIGHT: Travel-Friendly Board Games

I know, it’s a little childish but everyone loves a good board game when stuck in transit or sitting on a bus, boat or plane. One of our favourites that small and easy to carry is Bananagrams which you can check out here


NINE: Toms Shoes

Why give flowers that will be thrown out when you can give these floral shows…and they are an extra special gift because Toms Shoes do “one for one”, which means every pair of shoes you buy they give a pair to someone in need.  You can check out more here