What’s Happening To Our Lives?

March 23, 2019 john 0 Comments

Hi There,

As I reflect back to the tragic event in Christchurch just 7 days ago. I find myself feeling almost dare I say it...embarrassed.

Yes, embarrassed that the terror, pain and suffering unleashed on that day is already fading like a distant memory.

Is this a sign of the times we live in? A life where we quickly accept that such events are, to be expected.

The message to myself is clear, don’t wait for life’s challenges they are lurking somewhere in the wings. Commit to making the most of what is here now.

In today’s edition you will hear direct from Nilla on her recovery from the Hip Op. Plus you will learn how you can pay for travel interest Free. More than 70% of travel is paid on credit cards that charge you interest.

And to complete this weeks Travel Hub, the ageless bucket list Canada and Alaska holiday for 2020 has just been released featuring Fly Free and Solo deals for those who can take action now.

Michelle, Kelly and Lucy are always available to answer your questions and offer there expert insights.




Well here I am after almost 3 weeks of being another version of me…

On the 5th March at 6.30 pm, I was wheeled into theatre to have part of “me” removed!

I was apprehensive, scared and unsure what lay ahead, as the medical team headed by Mr Dermot Collopy were about to take my left hip and replace it with a titanium rod, ceramic ball and a plastic cup. I came through with flying colours and told by the amazing staff at St John of God Murdoch, that I was a “star patient”.

However, as I lay in pain I was in awe of what had actually happened as all that was physically apparent was a lot of bruising, a 6 inch scar on my left thigh and I had difficulty in walking.

So my reality now has been walking with 2 crutches for the first two weeks, then one crutch for this third week (to hopefully next week not needing either of my crutches), sleeping, sitting, doing my exercises and going to the pool to help strengthen my legs, so there has been a lot of time to think and contemplate!

As babies we are born perfect, and then as the journey of life goes on we are confronted with obstacles that you don’t really want to accept or deal with. However when you do accept and put your trust in those who only have your well being at heart, the pain and the agony of the past diminishes...

15 years ago I faced the obstacle of Breast Cancer and now the realisation that part of my body was not functioning as it should, constantly falling and being in pain for many years, the time had come, when enough was enough.

When I had the courage to face the reality that both my hips had severe osteoarthritis, with the left one being “worse than expected” according to the Surgeon, I had to succumb to making a decision to have both hips totally replaced.

With the left hip replaced and the right hip replacement being tentatively booked in for the 14th May, I will come out of this with new found freedom and mobility.

To say this has been easy journey would be totally untrue however, on the flip side I am so looking forward to the future of being pain free and to be able to do the things that I have not been able to do in the past, like surfing...LOL!!!

So this has been my journey over the past few months, and I have almost 4 to 5 months ahead doing rehabilitation, learning to walk again and to gain strength in limbs that we take so much for granted.





As a result of my ongoing medical issues I have reluctantly come to the decision that my health and rehabilitation is very important at this stage, so as a result you won’t see me in the office very often.

In saying this I know with all my heart that our girls Lucy, Michelle, Kelly and John will be there to help you in the best way possible.

In conclusion may I take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your love, support and encouragement that you have given me over the years as your “travel consultant”.

As I type this I have tears in my eyes, as I feel an end of an incredible era is looming, an era for which I am very grateful and looking forward to what the future may hold for me.

So for now I say GOODBYE to the old me and HELLO to the new version that will appear towards the end of 2019...

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