Quality Service


How do you know if you should engage the services of a travel agent?

The truth is not all travel requires a travel agent.

So how do you determine this for yourself in as little as a few minutes?

You can try answering these 3 key questions which have stood the test of time!

Are you prepared to explore options you may not be aware of for your holiday?

A great phrase we use most days with clients encapsulates what is happening to us all…

“You don’t know what you don’t know”.

Is your “Emergency plan” rock solid?

No one likes to think it will happen to them. However, it can and does in many forms from:

  • Natural disasters, such as volcanic ash etc.
  • Health issues can and do arise.
  • Unplanned Flight rescheduled by airlines
  • Others

Do you believe a travel agent can’t offer you additional value?

You may want to consider how much inside knowledge a travel agency that has been serving travellers for 32 years can bring to the table from:

  • Clients feedback
  • Industry connections formed over a long time
  • Personal travel experiences from the past 40 years


If you answered “YES” to these 3 questions, congratulations you likely already have a great travel agent or you should be one yourself!!!

However, if you answered “No” to any of the above then at some point before finalising your travel I would suggest you give these your attention. It will be worth the extra effort for sure.

Because there is no way for me at this point of knowing what stage you are at with your research and planning, I will offer you a suggestion that I feel gives you the best leverage of our knowledge.

Now, of course, I only offer you this unique opportunity on the basis you want to get the answers to the question or questions above.

I will promise you that when you invest up to 15 minutes of your time to speak with one of our passionate team you can be sure of 4 clear outcomes.
You will NOT be asked to purchase any product or service. 100% Guarantee.

Your call will not go beyond 15 minutes unless you request it. My team member will stop at 15 minutes and remind you it is now your choice as to whether you proceed.

You will not be added to any database with you personally doing so.

You will likely have gained at least one insight that you did not realise about your holiday previously.
If this is for you then, please call 1800 960 007 to request an initial 15 minute telephone meeting.

As attractive as this seems you still may not be ready yet to speak with us yet. That is fine.

Perhaps we can respond to a question via email.

Please click this link and submit your question and expect a response the same day during the week and Monday if it is during the weekend.