Total Funds Raised:  $400.00

“Imagine making money for Hospice without lifting a finger, without giving up a minute of your time and without personally making a donation!”

That can now be a reality through Travel With Purpose!

A message from John and Nilla Spark…

Having owned a number of travel agencies since 1985, it has become increasingly important for us to find ways of contributing to the local community which has been so good to Travel With Purpose.

Last year I read the inspirational book “Thankyou”. A story of 3 young Australians who set out with no

 business experience, no money, and a huge drive to make a difference for communities less fortunate than ours.

Each member of our team also read “Thankyou” and collectively we agreed to embark on the journey of developing a pathway that Travel With Purpose could also support the Albany community.

This is how the Travel With Purpose Charity Program was born.

Simply put…

Each year, Travel With Purpose invests thousands of dollars in the media and on marketing

We thought… how about partnering with select local charities, such as Hospice, who could

promote us and in turn receive a donation for each booking made with Travel With Purpose.

The best part is, this means our marketing spend will start going to Hospice rather than various media channels. You don’t pay any extra for your travel, yet have the added comfort of knowing you are doing a lot of good by giving to Hospice. A classic WIN/WIN!

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