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“My favourite destination is Italy…the people…the food…the Prosecco…the scenery….did I mention the food!! From North to South…the country has so much variety from the rugged scenery and passionate people of the South to the modern bustling cities of the North with their chic and elegant citizens…

One can never tire of the diversity this country has to offer. Sailing around the Mediterranean does not get any better than cruising out of the Grand Canal in Venice to start off your cruise…but then again…finishing off in Barcelona with a Sangria in your hand isn’t that bad either!!”



My Love of travel has led me back to consulting after having a big break whilst having a family. I woke up one morning and thought “ What do I love doing “ and the answer was “ Travel” so if I can’t travel every day what is the next best thing “ Talk about it and listen to others talk about it all day and live it through other peoples experiences”

So here I am working for Travel with Purpose, I have worked in retail for many years prior to having a family and I have managed Corporate Travel Accounts in London and Perth. It is so hard to choose a favourite destination … there are just too many to consider, however when Nilla asked me to answer this question I have to be honest London popped in my head.

Maybe its because I have lived there twice, maybe it’s because I never really wanted to leave but had to. But whenever I think of London it brings a smile to my face and I just dream of the day I can go back there. In the words of Samuel Johnson “ When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life”


“All my travel experiences are special, and packed full of memories.

Some of my favourite destinations include Norway, Canada, Alaska and USA. It has been my good fortune to spend extended time in these places, which makes you appreciate the diversity of these countries.

There are many Asian countries amongst my favourites also. The food, the culture, the people all make Asia a truly amazing experience.“



“In 2008 I travelled to Italy with my husband, my sister & her family including her in-laws.

Although I’d been to Italy a couple of times before, this particular trip was made all the more special having my fellow travelling companions with me.
We landed in Milan, collected a people mover and drove to the beautiful Lake Garda. Hubby did an awesome job of getting us all there safely. A few days at the Lake included a cable car ride up to Monte Baldo. The spectacular views of The Dolomites in the distance made for a truly memorable experience.

From the North we started to make our way to the South where my family comes from. Along the way we stop in Lucca for 1 night. This is where BIL, (brother-in-law), trashes our transport!! All good though, no one was hurt….just needed a new people mover.

The 2 nights I had booked in Praiano on the Amalfi Coast were not enough so we booked an additional night on arrival. We were all so glad we had that extra night. What a stunning part of the world. This is where we cranked U2’s “Beautiful Day”, drank Limoncello & Averna, danced and had THE best night EVA !!

We make it in one piece to Siderno… our family town. The reles are excited to see us and, as usual, open their homes & hearts to us. So much food, drink & love… I can’t wait to go back to see them all next year.”


“It’s me!!!! I’m back!!!

My favorite destination is the World! How could I possibly have 1 favorite. From Trekking to find the Gorilla’s in Rwanda to Cruising on Zodiacs in Antarctica, Walking down Hutongs in Beijing, Dancing in Cuba, Visiting dad’s Army base in Vietnam, Dressing up as Geisha in Kyoto, Exploring the Hawaiian Islands and Many more. Too many experiences to list….I’m just thankful I have been able to do it all.

Even though my travels have slowed down with having the Kids I still have a passion for Travel and really would love my boys to experience what I have with my travels. It makes you appreciate what you have in life.”


“My favourite travel experience was when we took 14 women and we walked 20kms per day for 10 days camping along the Great Wall.

It was an amazing, life changing and spiritual journey for me.
My most favourite moments where some of the steepest climbs and all the villages we went through along the way greeting all the locals.”



John Spark

Then there is us, John and Nilla, collectively we have been in the Travel Industry for a long time, like 38 years!!! no really I am not that old…LOL. With this amount of experience we have done and experienced so much around the world. So here are our special places…

“Why I favour NZ over any other destination?

Could it be I’m biased because I was born there? Or that they have the mighty All Blacks or is it simply because NZ pretty much ticks all my favourite travel indulgences. Like…
1. Unbelievably beautiful
2. Warm friendly people who want you to enjoy the most their country has to offer.
3. Pretty much speak Englush
4. Something different around every corner.
5. Food Food and did I say wine!!!
6. And my Mum lives there.
7. NZ has been described by many as the best of the world all in one place. I agree!!!
8. Whitebait patties on fresh white bread…yummy.
9. Everyone is family…isn’t that right bro!!!

That is my short, short list!!!

Now if you haven’t been there yet…what are you waiting for?”

Nilla Spark

“Where do I start, I have been travelling for 40 odd years now, my experiences wide & varied, incredible countries like Turkey, Peru, Egypt, Jordan, have been on River and Ocean cruises around the world, Asia, America, Canada, Africa and the list goes on.

However over these past 3 years where I have walked over 1000kms on the Camino de Santiago I would have to say that these journeys have had a profound influence on my life…

The lessons that I have learnt, the experiences, food, wine, people­­­ that the Camino shared­­­­­­ have created lifelong memories.
To be able to share this experience with John has made the Camino de Santiago even more special, yes there were tears, there were rants, there was a few times when we wanted to walk our separate ways however we walked in the end together knowing that we had achieved something very remarkable. Boy I love what travel creates in your life, for me travel runs through my veins so it will be something that will always be part of my life.”