“With every holiday you

book, we help a person

in need”

Travelling with Purpose…

Travel With Purpose is the hub for a thriving, caring and sharing travel community.

At its core, we recognise that travel is the best educational vehicle available to our clients. Our team members responsibility is to research and supply all the specific content that can help create the desired outcome for each traveller.

Travel With Purpose respects that when coming to us for help people can be at various periods of their travel planning process and therefore it’s important to allow the space to progress through each step as you please without sales pressure or feeling stressed.

When travelling education is key… so we provide a lot of online education in the form of content, that can include stories, videos and blog posts about tips and tricks, destinations, activities and client experiences.

The Travel With Purpose community is active and eager in offering advice from their personal experiences to assist fellow members as they truly value seeing others enjoy what they also enjoyed.

We work closely with a selection of local charities because we want to impact the local community without anyone having to put their hand in their pocket to pay extra. A massive win/win for everyone.

The Travel With Purpose community fosters with open hands the unspoken and often not recognised benefits from their travels including personal growth, greater appreciation, and gratitude for what we have at home.

It’s our firm belief that travel experiences will mature just like a bottle of red wine… the longer it is stored and shared the better it gets. Especially after the day comes when travel is no longer possible for the individual.

Only memory will remain and it’s our responsibility to ensure every experience gets the opportunity to mature as originally planned.

Travel, something you purchase that makes

you richer!

Travel With Purpose Charity Program…

“Having owned a number of travel agencies since 1985, it has become increasingly important for us to find ways of contributing to the local community which has been so good to Travel With Purpose.

Last year I read the inspirational book “Thankyou”. A story of 3 young Australians who set out with no business experience, no money, and a huge drive to make a difference in communities less fortunate than theirs.

Each member of our team also read “Thankyou” and collectively we agreed to embark on the journey of developing a pathway that Travel With Purpose could also support the Albany community.

This is how the Travel With Purpose Charity Program was born.

Simply put…

Each year, Travel With Purpose invests thousands of dollars in the media and on marketing. 

We thought… how about partnering with select local charities, who could promote us and in turn receive a donation for each booking made with Travel With Purpose. 

The best part is, this means our marketing spend will start going to charities rather than various media channels. You don’t pay any extra for your travel, yet have the added comfort of knowing you are doing a lot of good by giving to a great charity. A classic WIN/WIN! “

This week in Travel

Every week we like to keep our community up to date with what’s going on in the world of travel.

We do this in many ways, one being via email.

We will include information about different destinations, things to see and do around the world, great specials, travel hints and tips. Plus… we share stories of other members travel experiences.

Travel With Purpose

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Travel With A Budget

TRAVEL… It leaves you speechless then turns you into a storyteller!

John Spark

John Spark


Drinks: Short Black

Favourite Destination: New Zealand

Travel Tip: Become a storyteller… Travel is like a good bottle of wine, the longer its stored the better it is to share.

Lucy Turner

Lucy Turner

Administration and Support

Drinks: Short Black

Favourite Destination: Almalfi Coast

Travel Tip:

Nilla Spark

Nilla Spark

Owner and Travel Expert

Drinks: Flat White

Favourite Destination: Italy

Travel Tip: Put Nillas travel tip here, put nillas travel tip here, put nillas travel tip here put nillas travel here. put nillas travel here.

Danielle Hopkins

Danielle Hopkins

Travel Experts

Drinks: Dirty Chai

Favourite Destination: Munich

Travel Tip: Make lists!

Karen Lloyd

Karen Lloyd

Travel Planner

Drinks: Black tea with one sugar

Favourite Destination: Russia

Travel Tip: Focus on the experience more than the cost. And always allow enough time to get to the airport.

Kahlia Ericson

Kahlia Ericson

Marketing Coordinator

Drinks: Soy Cap

Favourite Destination: Peru

Travel Tip: Always pack some undies, toothbrush and your journal in your hand luggage.

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Travel With Purpose Proudly Supports The Albany Community

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