So, the amazing journey has now come to an end… Nilla has spent the last few days having a wonderful time in Lyon – partaking in the many and varied delights – and is on her journey home. We cannot wait to see her, we have all missed her in the office!!!

Facebook and blog updates are great, but they only show part of the story… Please join us for a very special presentation as Nilla recounts her journey and shows us her incredible photos.

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The time has come to say GOODBYE…Goodbye to a journey and experience that has left an imprint in my heart.

Travel is not just about the planes you catch, the trains or the taxi’s, the sights you see, the food that you eat or the people that you meet…

Travel for me is putting everything you see, do, feel and experience and putting it into a little place in your heart that you can call on when you need a laugh, a reminder of the wonderful people in the world, a reminder of what you have achieved and seen with the most important being grateful for the opportunities that have come your way…my thanks and gratitude goes far and wide, firstly to John for giving me the freedom to follow a dream, my team at Travel WithPurpose, my beautiful friend Jeanette who supported me through thick & thin…my clients Neville & Rosemary, Lee, Rita, Janice & Kellie who were part of the Camino, for all the words of support encouragement that you all have given me throughout this journey…to my family, friends and clients who have believed in my quest to “Walk for those who Cannot”.To the friendships we have made along the way, to the kindness and generosity of Alex, Franck, Elodie & Ashley during our stay in Lyon…

As I sit waiting for my flight I am excited about returning home with all these incredible memories, however knowing that I am going home to bury my brother on Saturday is a bittersweet ending to an incredible journey…enjoy this post as I wave goodbye…


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