Whenever you travel, half the battle is knowing what you want...

The other half is knowing where you can find it!

We build the dream...

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“The service from Danielle and your company has been exceptional…”

“The service from Danielle and your company has been exceptional…”

“Nilla I would like to say what an absolute pleasure and delight it has been for me in dealing with Danielle.

We are from the city and have never used your services before, I must say that the experience has been wonderful.

Danielle has so much patience, as I am coordinating 8 other people, and she has been very accommodating.

I have been thinking about this experience so instead of thinking it I had to tell you. The service from Danielle and your company has been exceptional…”

– Yvonne Gilbert

“No qualms working with someone a few states away”

Interview with Claire Wardley from Victoria

Claire first reached out to us in January 2015 via email from Victoria. She was looking to book an extensive holiday for her parents in Europe when she came across us.

Claire’s challenge was that she felt that she didn’t have the required knowledge to book her parents holiday, as she had been doing in the past.

Claire discovered http://besteuropeanrivercruises.com.au while researching, she immediately felt that we had the expertise to assist her.

Claire says “I liked the way that you were all very open and up front with each other, and you asked me ‘why are you going through us and not doing it yourself.’ I think that’s a very good and honest way to be with customers.”

“Your company seemed to have all the knowledge that I didn’t have and that I lacked, which is why I felt comfortable working with Travel With Purpose to get my bookings underway.”

“It’s very easy, and if they need the assistance or want some advice, definitely reach out to Travel With Purpose/Best European River Cruises, even if you don’t book with them you still get a lot of information.”

Claire finished the interview by saying she had “No qualms working with someone a few states away” and felt that anyone in the same position as herself, booking a holiday for their parents would benefit enormously from contacting Travel With Purpose/Best European River Cruises.

“I want a seamless Australian travel planning service…”

Interview with Bernadette J. Duell

I’ve been in Albany now for 2 and half years and I’ve been working quite hard building the business and getting to know the community quite well and I have not have annual leave or proper holiday in 2 and half years that I’ve been here and normally I would head over to Fiji a little there there because I grew up in Sydney and because I’m now in WA I’ve decided it’s a bit further to get to Fiji and would take longer to get there l so I needed help.

I didn’t have the time to do any research on various locations on other side of the country, I knew I had some money and knew had two weeks of annual leave that have to take and I needed help. I saw your company on the Thursday and spoke to Nilla and said this is my budget, this is what I want, I want somewhere warm, I want a retreat almost … near the ocean, far away, just a bit of R & R no connections to the real world, I’m not interested in phone connections, I didn’t want that, no newspapers, no internet, no TV , and she suggested different locations for me and she suggested the “—” Resorts in Thailand and I have no idea..

I don’t really know Asia that well and It was quite novel to me and I said well I’ve never been to Thailand before..I’ve heard of you know..horror stories of Bangkok and the like. I want seamless service so basically soon as I get on that plane in Perth I want to get to my resort – no hassles at all. All of my transfers to be covered,someone to pick me up to the airport in Thailand and take me to the resort.

I didn’t have to think. I do not want to think, Oh, I wanna switch off as soon as I get on that plane..and so she suggested that and she gave me exactly..you guys gave me exactly what I need and I needed 2 weeks of just pure relaxation and pure rejuvenation just free my head and you know..get the old me back the key thing for me was she listened for what I needed and delivered I could have spent many many hours on Thursday researching various locations around the world and just sort of giving me headaches so I needed somebody who was in travel industry and trust them and say “This is what I need” and “Can you deliver it” and she sure did.

It was complete trust, I saw her on Thursday,paid for it on Friday, then flew out on Saturday..really still not sure where I was going, I have no idea whereabout in Thailand I was going..all I knew was I’ll will be taken care of as soon as I got out on that plane within Phuket and I’ll be fine when I arrive on the resort I felt comfortable with Nilla..I went to Travel with Purpose because I’m vice president of The Albany Commerce here in Albany if you guys remember and decided to go there and I’ve heard of Nilla’s reputation as well from other people in town and they said go see her, and I felt very comfortable.

“Whenever you travel, half the battle is knowing what you want…
The other half is knowing where you can find it!”

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